Blockchain technology in renewable energy certificates in Brazil

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João Akio Ribeiro Yamaguchi
Teresa Rachael Santos
André Pereira de Carvalho


Several renewable energy certificate (RECs) applications point out that the blockchain technology can be useful in ensuring the traceability and transparency of transactions, despite some barriers to its implementation, such as the legal and market development. However, it is not clear how the organizational positioning, in relation to its given market, influences the artifact developed. In this study, through design science research (DSR) and case study methodology, we structure the problem space of two different positioned organizations in the sustainability field, with blockchain-based applications to produce and trade RECs. We find out that: (a) the position of the organization in relation to other stakeholders changes the behavior of the technology adoption; (b) the technological solution preceded the perception of the problem; (c) organizations create different representations of the artifact for each stakeholder. We suggest other studies to deepen these findings in order to better develop theories that explain how organizations see their problem when developing technological solutions while using DSR.


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Yamaguchi, J. A. R., Santos, T. R., & Carvalho , A. P. de. (2021). Blockchain technology in renewable energy certificates in Brazil. Brazilian Administration Review, 18(Spe), e200069.
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