BAR’s editorial team appreciates the voluntary work of scholars who offer their experience and expertise to the journal.

During the review process for articles submitted to BAR, the editor-in-chief counts on the support of a multi-institution group comprised of well-known experts from the Brazilian and the international scholarly communities. They assist the editor-in-chief with desk reviews, selection of reviewers, review reports and recommendations, and discussing the journal’s editorial perspectives. The permanent members of the editorial board can be found in BAR’s website.

We dedicate a special recognition to the ad-hoc reviewers who voluntarily contribute to improving the quality of documents submitted to BAR and helping authors to make progress in their professional standards.

We sincerely thank all members of the BAR team!


Outstanding Reviewers Award for the Brazilian Administration Review (BAR)

The Outstanding Reviewers Award for BAR, held annually during the EnANPAD (ANPAD Annual Meeting), uses a set of evaluation criteria (available here) of the reviewers active in a period of 12 months prior to the event, commonly held in October. Thus, the evaluators who contributed between September of the previous year and the end of September of the current year of the award are eligible for the award.

2023 Outstanding Reviewers Award


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