Cryptocurrencies for microfinance

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Lucas Lopes Ferreira Souza
Ana Augusta Ferreira de Freitas
Jerffeson Teixeira Souza
Samuel Façanha Câmara


The objective of microfinance is to provide services to create economic support for borrowers, so they can improve their social condition through entrepreneurial activity. Notwithstanding, credit alone is not sufficient to raise an individual out of poverty. In addition to credit, microfinance institutions can assist by providing professional and management courses, consultancies, financial assistance, and by the formation of solidarity groups. To suggest a way to achieve the microfinance goal, the aim of this article is to propose a cryptocurrency model and an artifact that can contribute to the microfinance environment. This will be supported by a cryptocurrency model and platform based on the design science research methodology. This essay shows that three agents can benefit from the cryptocurrency model: borrowers, microfinance institutions, and educational institutions. Furthermore, the results show that a new market can develop from this model with a viable platform to support the relationship between these agents.


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Souza, L. L. F., Freitas, A. A. F. de, Souza, J. T., & Câmara, S. F. (2021). Cryptocurrencies for microfinance. Brazilian Administration Review, 18(Spe), e200063.
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