Interorganizational learning mechanisms in Porto Digital

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Gibson Meira Oliveira
Anielson Barbosa da Silva


Industrial clusters are highly concentrated professional environments, being a potential area for development of dynamic managerial capabilities and interorganizational learning. This study proposes to identify interorganizational learning mechanisms and their integration to the dynamic managerial capabilities in a technology cluster. This is an exploratory research and it uses a qualitative approach through a single-case study. The data analysis was based on content analysis techniques proposed by Bardin. It was identified formal and informal mechanisms that enable the learning between companies and the importance of the role of management core in fostering interorganizational learning, through the various projects that have integrator scope and cooperation between companies. The study revealed that the existence of a department for cluster management is essential to maintain relations between companies and their professionals. This research allowed expanding the knowledge related to the cluster perspective and interorganizational learning, providing the identification of mechanisms that favor the development and mobilization of dynamic managerial capabilities, which collaborate to fill theoretical gaps related to the constructs and reveal their complex nature that is determinant for the governance of a cluster.


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Oliveira, G. M., & Silva, A. B. da. (2022). Interorganizational learning mechanisms in Porto Digital. Brazilian Administration Review, 19(2), e210106.
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