A design research business model: A framework built with Brazilian farmers

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André Luiz Surdi Debastiani
Graziela Dias Alperstedt
Grazielli Faria Zimmer Santos
Graziele Ventura Koerich


This study aimed to propose a business model framework for Brazilian agriculture from an integrative perspective between theory and practice. To do so, Design Research was adopted from the triangulation of data, combining primary and secondary data collection, a systematic review of the literature on the business model and its main frameworks. Field research included the application of a questionnaire with 531 producers and an in-depth interview with another 30 to capture their insight into the factors that influence their business performance. The results of the study revealed that unlike other sectors, which have customers as the central point of the business value generation proposal, in commercial agriculture organizations occupy this place, as they are focused on the production of commodities. In view of this, the proposed artifact has financial viability as the central pillar of the agricultural business model, with production costs, product sales prices and agricultural productivity as its main components.


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Debastiani , A. L. S., Alperstedt, G. D., Santos, G. F. Z., & Koerich, G. V. (2020). A design research business model: A framework built with Brazilian farmers. Brazilian Administration Review, 17(1), e190032. https://doi.org/10.1590/1807-7692bar2020190032
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