IT business value model for information intensive organizations

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Antonio Carlos Gastaud Maçada
Mateus Michelini Beltrame
Pietro Cunha Dolci
João Luiz Becker


Many studies have highlighted the capacity Information Technology (IT) has for generating value for organizations. Investments in IT made by organizations have increased each year. Therefore, the purpose of the present study is to analyze the IT Business Value for Information Intensive Organizations (IIO - e.g. banks, insurance companies and securities brokers). The research method consisted of a survey that used and combined the models from Weill and Broadbent (1998) and Gregor, Martin, Fernandez, Stern and Vitale (2006). Data was gathered using an adapted instrument containing 5 dimensions (Strategic, Informational, Transactional, Transformational and Infra-structure) with 27 items. The instrument was refined by employing statistical techniques such as Exploratory and Confirmatory Factorial Analysis through Structural Equations (first and second order Model Measurement). The final model is composed of four factors related to IT Business Value: Strategic, Informational, Transactional and Transformational, arranged in 15 items. The dimension Infra-structure was excluded during the model refinement process because it was discovered during interviews that managers were unable to perceive it as a distinct dimension of IT Business Value.


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Maçada, A. C. G., Beltrame, M. M., Dolci, P. C., & Becker, J. L. (2011). IT business value model for information intensive organizations. Brazilian Administration Review, 9(1), 44-65.

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