Cause related marketing: Consumers' perceptions and benefits for profit and non-profits organisations

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Francisca Farache
Keith John Perks
Lilian Soares Outtes Wanderley
José Milton de Sousa Filho


This study is an attempt to understand consumers' perceptions regarding Cause Related Marketing [CRM]. The research findings were based on a survey of 200 consumers in the Brighton area and published data. The research aim was focused on the consumers' perception of the alliance between corporations and non-profit organisations. The research found that consumers have a better perception of firms that work with charities and good causes than those that do not. They believe that the partnership between corporations and charities has an impact on the good of society. However, they are aware that corporations themselves benefit from this partnership. Concerning good causes, consumers prefer to support those related to Children. The researchers noticed that an individual connection with a cause might have considerable influence on consumer attitudes and behaviour in relation to a specific cause.


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Farache, F., Perks, K. J., Wanderley, L. S. O., & Sousa Filho, J. M. de. (2008). Cause related marketing: Consumers’ perceptions and benefits for profit and non-profits organisations. Brazilian Administration Review, 5(3), 210-224.

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